Inforce APLc


The APL Compact (APLc) is an awesome innovation from Inforce. It is essentially an upgraded and down-sized version of their popular APL. It sits flush with compact Glocks (19, 23), boasts 200 lumens with a 1.5 hour run time, and features intuitive ambidextrous controls. The paddles for activating the light have both been updated. They feature stippling to increase friction, and thus increase activation consistency when using the momentary function of the light while shooting.

NOTE: While the APLc was designed to fit Glocks, it can also fit a number of other pistols. But it WILL NOT fit compact firearms that don’t feature a light rail. Such as a Glock 43, M&P Shield, etc.


Functions:              Constant/Momentary
Output:                   200 Lumens
Runtime:                High efficiency LED provides up to 1.5hrs
Weight:                   1.87oz
Size:                         2.43in L x 1.17in W
Bezel Diameter:    0.88in
Mount:                     Integrates with all Glock rails
Activation:              Ambidextrous on/off
Lockout Systems:  Head rotation
Construction:         Glass reinforced polymer body offers high impact resistance and durability
Battery:                    1 Lithium CR2 included, head removes for battery replacement

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